Orenda Lou is the outcome of two ladies meeting by fate during childhood and growing together. 

The styling duo, made up of Kelsey Lundie and Keesha Scheel, are a little non traditional when it comes to finding items for their shoots by hunting down unique vintage and recycled clothing. The two found themselves making the move to Denver in 2012 to start a journey that manifested into Orenda Lou. Taking the art, fashion, and music they constantly surround themselves with, they found a way to channel all of their passions into one creative outlet. 

The styling pair relies heavily on the idea of“orenda”, the origin behind their name. Orenda is a supernatural and divine force that is believed to be within every human being, powerful enough to create positive change and spread love. With this in mind, they spend a great amount of time planning shoots around individuals, not necessarily the clothing. They believe that the right pieces bring out the inner orenda in their subjects which is a crucial aspect of their styling process. Because of this, they consider every shoot to be a collaboration where they work with others to create a greater outcome. Although they place strong attention on the individual during the shoot, Orenda Lou has a very distinct style that makes them special. 

Keesha and Kelsey are deeply involved in the Denver community, finding themselves amongst souls who are equally as passionate as they are. Their garments are thrifted secondhand vintage with a harmonizing balance of masculine and feminine. They gravitate towards confident, bold textiles with modern cuts and silhouettes.

The “Lou” in their name is equally as important as the “Orenda” especially when it comes to seeking out style. Lou is a tribute to both their mothers who happen to share the same middle name. Their mothers are active muses in their lives who have shared lessons, light and wisdom throughout their growth and who continue to do so on this journey. Lou represents their masculine side. 

Whether you are working with the girls or simply buying a unique piece from their collection, you are guaranteed to feel all the forces at play. The two have no plans on stopping and wish to continue to spread their warmth and passion through styling and their online shop. With Orenda Lou, you will always have an unstoppable force field. 




Polaroid by @midg_view