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Recently we chatted with our Soul Sister, Nataly, about everything from veganism to lightbeams to self care rituals.  She inspires us with her zest for life and passion for wellness and getting back in touch with nature. Read on to find out more about this vibrant Queen. 

1.) Hi Natt! Tell us about yourself. 

My name is Natt! I am on a mission to help save the World by uniting and connecting us all back to nature! I have spent countless years suppressing my truth and doubting the possibilities! Nature has healed and empowered me! As a post teenage parent who refuses to live by labels I have finally broke through the darkness and came to the light! My passion is creating delicious plant based foods to get you thriving alongside offering life coaching services and yoga practice. Through my personal process my efforts are to enlighten you and remind you that you are so important and living in abundance is not luck or something that happens by accident it was meant for all of us! It is time to deprogram your mind and listen to your spirit, reconnect with your true self! I am a warrior armed with fruit and I am not afraid to use my power!


2.) We love the name Planetumoja! Where did inspiration for it come from?

As I began my process, the idea of creating my own reality really spoke to me, so I decided to dive all the way into that and Planet Umoja was born! Umoja means Unity in Swahili and the vegan movement is all about uniting all species on this planet from the animals to all the different kinds of people. Interesting enough a year prior to all this happening my partner and I got matching tattoos where I got a planet and he got a rocket, It was as if my spirit without me knowing was manifesting this reality all along I just had to dig deeper and actually listen. At least this is how I like to think of it when I look back on things.  I created Planet Umoja to be a place where people can unite and be themselves unapologetically, even if you are not vegan! I do not like labels but this is how us plant based eaters are categorized. This is a movement to promote unity and self love! This is not a cult or a place to outcast anyone. I appreciate people who vibrate higher and by just loving yourself and being you, you are already doing so much for the World and that is all that really matters at the end of the day!

3.) You’ve been vegan for some time now.  What was your “aha” moment in your decision to make veganism a lifestyle.

It’s crazy because I feel like I have been vegan for so much longer than I actually have been! The old me is such a distant memory. I don’t even know that girl anymore! So much has happened since my transition, I have literally transformed! I decided to go Vegan July of 2014, I was working overnight as a night nurse for an eating disorder facility and I was on youtube trying to stay awake! I came across this channel titled Freelee The Banana Girl and she was raving about eating all this fruit and smashing in the calories! At the moment everything she was explaining about animal cruelty and how meat and dairy causes havoc to our health made A LOT of sense, but my main focus was how HAPPY she was and how much she did not give a damn about how crazy her lifestyle might have seemed, that is what I was after, Happiness!  and be myself without any worries! So I gave it a try, bought a huge box of bananas and started mimicking her lifestyle after a few weeks I just couldn’t bear smashing in all the calories and I almost got defeated. Then I had an ‘AHA’ moment and reflected more deeply asking myself questions such as, why I couldn’t do things MY WAY?! Why wasn’t I following my nature? it is so much easier for us to follow a work schedule or orders from someone else but why I couldn’t I follow my own ideas? Why couldn’t I trust myself and take myself more seriously? This is why I  am constantly reminding others to follow their own nature! We all have our own individual purpose and it isn’t until we can trust ourselves till we can discover it! Sure, I took in others knowledge and insights but what might work for someone else might not work for me so I decided to do more research and that’s when things got really interesting! I got obsessed with the discoveries I was finding on the truth about health and our history. I read this book by Laila Afrika titled African Holistic Health and it disclosed how western medicine was stolen from Africa and being used to continue oppression! It got pretty deep and that’s when I just had to start sharing this information and spreading this information to as many people as possible! I suffered from multiple autoimmune issues prior to this lifestyle change and now i understood why, what we are taught what is “healthy” is so unnatural and it is meant to keep us down. The food and dairy industry is a billionaire dollar industry and they will do anything to make sure it stays that way. What better way than to get everyone hooked on the same processed crap we all now call “food”? People literally lose their shit when you  tell them they shouldn’t be eating meat, it is almost to same look you get from a drug addict when you threaten to take away their drugs. Reading was a right that we didn’t have 200 years ago in this country, so many died for us to have this right and very few take advantage of this now when  it is literally at our disposal at any moment! So do not just take what I say as truth, READ and investigate things on your own, follow your nature! The answers are within all of us.

4.) What are your daily rituals to make you radiate from inside out?

I start my day with listing 5 things i could be grateful for each morning , even if they are same 5 things, then so be it they are the same 5 things but some days they change. I do not make it complicated. I aim to fast every day for about 14-16 hours, from the night before , so I  do not worry about food till around 11am-12pm, which according to my research is the best time to eat when the sun is highest in the sky! I also Break my fast, this is where the term breakfast came from by the way ,with coconut water or raw fruit smoothies or just raw fruit period. It is the most optimal for digestion. Fasting also alleviates the worry of preparing food in the a.m. however, I do prepare my daughter usually a banana oatmeal waffle or oatmeal with berries every morning. Since she is still growing I remind her to eat when she is hungry, definitely trying to get her to break her fast with more fruits rather than cooked food. But this is just where we are at right now.  After I list my  reasons to be grateful I oil pull about a tbsp of coconut oil for 15-20 minutes each morning to rid my mouth of toxins and this also helps whiten your teeth. I then do some morning yoga on an empty stomach and  lay out in the sun while meditating. I will then check some emails and get on with my to do list whether it is to create another blog post or coordinate an event or just knock on doors to continue spreading the message to those in my community. My daughter is homeschooled so I often check on her as well to make sure she is getting all her studies done. Overall my daily ritual is to not stress myself , I simply observe and go with the flow, slow and steady beats the race. I spent way too much time stressing in my past so these days I am constantly aiming to be on zen mode as much as possible. It is what is ideal for my well being. Whenever something does come up because it does I simply try to bring myself back to this peace and remind myself that the Universe will make sure I am where I am I supposed to be. There is never a dull moment, each day is a day to fulfill my purpose. When you live in your passion and follow your nature you never need a vacation and you can always continue to rise higher each day.

5.) A lot of people have the misconception that veganism is expensive. What are your favorite staples that don’t break the bank?

If you want vegan processed foods, yes, it can be expensive. Convienence is a mind fuk, you think you are winning because it is easier but you will pay for it later. However, bananas, potatoes, beans, oats and buying things in bulk are definitely my staples. Plants are the cheapest foods on the planet! Plus you can grow most things easily in your own home like herbs and spices! I am still manifesting a garden! I enjoy simplicity and occasionally I will create something special or wait till I get an order from a client and celebrate with something more gourmet, cause I mean why not? I worked hard. ;) I do not have a “job” and I have a child, so if I can eat sustainably and a balance diet honestly anyone can! I can show someone very easy how to budget with even just a food stamp card. I am working on creating a program for this in the future. Everyone deserves to thrive not just those with money. Nature provides everything we need for free and it was meant for us so I will make it my mission that everyone has this basic needs met before I leave this dimension. So much is in the making! Stay tuned!

6.) Who are some of your inspirational “Lightbeams”?

So many people inspire me! Laila afrika, Ralph Smart, Teal Swan, Fully raw Kristina,  and Osho are just some to name a few of who inspire me. My main inspiration is nature itself and Krysta (my child) As a mom and as child to my mother and father, I have discovered how our children come here to teach us things and she has truly taught me so much more than just patience but also the need to be understanding and loving to everyone. Even those who don’t believe in what you believe in. That we are different and that everyone deserves to be loved and acknowledged.And when you really love someone you try to understand and be interested in their passions too so you can both love more deeply and learn from one another. These were literally her words! Children are such a huge inspiration for me! Their resilience  and hunger for wanting to know more is so electric! I rather be with kids than adults any day! Natt loves the kids! <3

7.) We believe that what we put in our bodies makes us radiate, but we also believe radiance comes from confidence in what you’re wearing.  That being said, we LOVE your style! What influences your style, and what makes you feel the most radiant?

STYLE?! ME?! I hardly think about my style so I had to give this question some thought. I often times think I am too chill when it comes to fashion, i dont know much about brands or trends! I am so honored you love my style, seriously blushing :) My mother growing up could never understand my logic, lol!  But I do love crop tops! (My daughter can’t stand this!) I love her too pieces but I refuse to wear a mask for anyone. I think what inspires me most is colors! Tribal boho chic kinda vibes and hand made pieces. I try to support my people locally and my friends who are on the come up as well. I have a beautiful designer named Celina  @shopyungrosa who has been designing a lot of my tops lately! And I have been loving flash tattoos as well! I enjoy wearing things I can move around in since I am pretty active and it is super hot in Miami. I think I low-key try to be princess jasmine mixed with that character from Atlantis . Aaliyah is definitely a style I appreciate, TLC, and Jhene Aiko has a swag I can OOOOOO and AAAAHHH at all day! I feel my best when I am comfortable and have a dash of color and shine on me! I do not need any name brands I just need some authenticity and always need color!

8.) “Orenda” is a supernatural divine force believed to be within every human being, powerful enough to create positive change and spread love. Describe your orenda.

You just taught me something new! THANK YOU! That is so dope! I love your brand name so much right now! My Orenda is my force to follow my nature no matter what! To live in my truth and never let fear stand in my way! I will throw fruit at anyone who tries to stop me! LOL I am totally kidding, I wouldn’t hurt a soul! Karma is real and I try my best to be compassionate to everyone even to those who have stabbed me in the back or the front. I  have changed my mindset to not take things personal, understanding energy and nature has helped me remain humble and from choking a couple of people. LOL!!!

9.) If you want to add anything else here, feel free to do so ☺ List any of your social medias, ways to contact you, etc…

You can find more information about the movement at my site at

Here you will find recipes, awareness information, and tips on how you can thrive alongside to links to my youtube channel which I will be getting more up to date with now that I am returning home from yoga school in India! Would love to unite with as many people as possible! Together we can make change!  Follow me back to nature! If you have any questions or would like a FREE E book email me at Natt@planetumoja,com




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